These are just a sample of policies, please contact us for more detialed information and to set up an in home appointment to cleary understand what you need and how it will fit your budget! 
Expense Plans
Our cash benefits on Cancer Indemnity Plans pays lump sum "$10, $25 or $50k upon the first occurence of internal cancer or malignant mylenoma. Heart Care cash benefits on first heart attack and first major heart surgery plan pays lump sum "$10, $20 & $30k for first diagnosed of a heart attack.
Accident Policies
We offer several different policies that provide benefits in the event of an accidental injury or death. Depending on the coverage you select, these policies can pay from a few hundred dollars to over $50,000Hospital, Medical & Surgical Expense Policy
This policy helps cover the costs of hospitalization, surgery, and preventative care such as mammogram's, Pap tests and prostate examinations. This policy can be tailored to fit almost any budget.
Hospital Indemnity Policy
This policy pays up to $2,000.00 per day for each day of hospital confinement. It pays in full in addition to any other coverage you have. Ideal for business owners concerned about the potential devastating financial consequences of a hospital confinement. Supplemental Outpatient PoliciesThese policies help provide coverage for expenses associated with outpatient treatment, such as emergency room, x-rays, lab work, CT scan, MRI's, physical therapy, chiropractic care and office visits. Medicare Supplement InsuranceThese policies help fill in the gaps in the amounts paid by Medicare. We offer competitive rates. Several "standard" plans to choose from. Home Health Care  PolicyWith the ever-increasing incidence of in-home care, this policy has become very popular. This policy can also help cover prescription drugs, eye exams, private duty nursing and routine physical exams. Life InsurancePays death benefits to surviving family members or beneficiaries. 
Critical Illness/Specified-Disease CoverageWith the increasing incidence of cancer  and heart attack, and other serious conditions, this policy has become a necessity. It will pay a lump-sum benefit up to $25,000 upon the first diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, end stage renal failure or organ transplant. We also have policies that cover only the fist occurrence of cancer or the first diagnosis of heart attack or major heart surgery.