A history of my experience and knowledge in the industry.

In 1992, at the age of 21, I like any new sales representative, young and determined, spent the  time and patience to slowly learn every bit of the hundreds of ever changing plans which the market had to offer.  I am glad to say after diving in and learning aboutCancer, Heart, Accidental policies and to Full Hospitalization, moreover, Medicare plans for seniors has made me very proficient in all aspects of medical coverage policies and I am confident we can meet your needs within your budget. " I can honestly say that I have my own personal family insured with Reserve National. During this time I became seasoned with the understanding to offer my clients100% Quality, 100% Service, 100% of the Time!by way of fitting my clients needs & budgets with a plan that can be upgraded as needed as we grow older together. 

In 2002,I met my wife,Carolyn Wiltshirein Texas, where soon after moved to her home state of Mississippi where we call home and do not ever see leaving.  At this time, utilizing her skills from previous experience of sales, telemarketing, promotions she studied and received her license to sell along with me.  Her desire to help others and clearly see the features and benefits of what we have to offer created a great team of experience and knowledge in the fast pace of the insurance industry.  We pride ourselves on working hard for you and our own family, by being honest and knowledgeable of our competitors coverage's and gimmicks. This means we can prove or disprove any other insurance companies offers, with those we offer.Don't be lied to, it is too important to know what you have.

In 2009, we brought on a new member of our family, our daughter"MADELEINE"  and our future Salesperson of the Year! This makes us a truly family operated business, as we travel back and forth between the Gulf coast and adjoining states and our main office in central MS with Phillip Teetson.  We are having the time of our life! 

Finally,today we understand more than ever what our services mean and the importance to be covered for yourself and your loved ones.  We come to you with 30 years of total experience and no one will out service us, no one! In fact, we have been awarded over the years with the same company (my first job),  101 Salesperson of the Month Awards, 15   Salesperson of the Year Awards & Company Runner-up.  We would appreciate the opportunity for you to join our family as we begin and grow with yours over the years.


In the beginning, coming from a very close family, as you can see with 3 generations in our immediate family circle we support and help each other in every possible way when needed. I was and am still being raised with a strong, impenetratable sense of family. My parents have been married 49 years and raised 3 boys, all successful, with me, George L. Martinez  being the youngest born and raised in Dallas, Texas. 

"I care what happens to everyone and by you becoming a new client,  I consider your family a new family addition to ours!"